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To gain insights into the new trends of the global shipping industry, boost international exchanges and cooperation, serve China's strategy of building national strength in transport, shipping and civil aviation and facilitate healthy and sustainable development of the international shipping in order to enhance the prosperity and development of the world economy and trade, Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China have decided to co-host the North Bund Forum since 2021.

Aiming to be international, high-end and professional, the forum is intended to be a platform for exchanging ideas on major issues in global shipping, incubating governance rules and norms of the international shipping industry, release of latest policies and regulations in China and the world at large, and showcase of the Shanghai International Shipping Center.

The first forum will be held in Shanghai from November 3 to 5, 2021. Centered on the theme of "Openness and Inclusiveness, Innovation and Reform, and win-win Cooperation: Embracing Future Development and Restructuring of International Shipping", the forum will witness the gathering of political leaders, renowned experts and scholars, enterprise and institutional representatives at home and abroad for dialogues and exchanges on heated issues that draw the industry-wide attention.


    Speech Highlights

    Liu Zhenmin

    UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs

    Put aside prejudices and formulate mutually beneficial policies; The government bears the leadership responsibility and provides support for low-carbon and zero carbon technologies; Strengthen public health and pandemic control. Work together to create a better future for the development of world economy, trade and shipping.

    Kitack Lim

    Secretary-General of IMO

    Further promote and accelerate the research and development on the use of low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels to achieve decarbonization through energy transformation. Put in place a framework to assess the impact of measures on states and considerations are under way on how to take into account the impact of measures

    GU Jinshan

    Secretary of Party Committee & Chairman of SIPG

    In the face of new changes in global economy and trade, port and shipping enterprises should adapt to changes accordingly to better serve the global economy. Firstly, we should improve our capacities and facilities to ensure development needs. Secondly, we should upgrade data connectivity and improve the efficiency of economic and trade circulation. Thirdly, we should deepen cooperation and improve our capacities for economic and trade development from the root.

    Wan Min

    Chairman of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited

    For the trade pattern, focus on changes of globalization and regionalization; for digital transformation, focus on the changes of internal and external drivers; for green environment, focus on the partial improvement and deep innovation.

    Guy Platen

    Secretary General Of the ICS

    Shipping is the least environmentally damaging form of commercial transport. We are facing a climate crisis, we must all work together in mutual recognition of the challenges that we face, find opportunities to cooperate and collaborate and ensure we are successful in creating an open and sustainable world economy.

    Ludovic Renou

    CEO of CMA CGM China

    Today a World Bank report said that 12% of the freight is around the port, 80% of the shipping capacity is waiting for the berth. In Asia, 350 ships are waiting for berths, which is a great challenge.

    Willie Walsh

    Director General of IATA

    The airline industry has suffered greatly as a result of the corona virus pandemic. International aviation was severely disrupted. To give an indication of the scale of the disruption, the China domestic market actually represented almost 20% of all global commercial aviation, China is a fantastic market.

    Liu Shaoyong

    Chairman of China Eastern Air Holding Company Limited

    The aviation industry to break through the traditional mode, and usher in the new mode of "aviation +, and serve the economic and social development with greater initiative and wider scope to create greater value.

    Qin Yun

    Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Airport

    All countries in the world share a "global village". The global air lines are closely linked in the “community with a shared future”.

    We firmly believe that an open China and its huge market provide opportunities for the recovery of the whole aviation industry.


    Xiang Weiming

    Vice President of GE, President and CEO of GE China, President of GE Aviation Greater China

    In 2020, GE announced its withdrawal from the coal power market. By 2030, GE aims to achieve carbon neutrality in global operations. In 2050, it will become a net zero emission company.


    Huang Tianbing

    Deputy Director, Subdivision for Protective Measures, Marine Environment Division of IMO

    New technologies will create a more interconnected and efficient industry, more closely integrated with the whole global supply chain.

    Cao Desheng

    Director General of China Maritime Safety Administration, Ministry of Transport

    Strengthening security and cooperation was, is and will continue to be the main theme and keynote for the high-quality development of the shipping industry, to which we must stay committed in the long run.

    Xu Zuyuan

    Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport, IMO Maritime Ambassador

    Maritime safety is an endless quest. Accidents not only bring direct losses, but also chain effects. The modern supply chain is integral to the global new economy, and maritime safety has become the fundamental stabilizer for the sustainable development of both economy and society.

    Mathias Jonas

    Secretary-General of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)

    Better knowledge based on up-to-date marine data is indispensable. There can be conflicts. There can be setback. But these do not dispense us from our obligation to collaborate for the benefit of the marine environment.

    Chang-Hee Lee

    Director of International Labour Organization(ILO) Country Office for China and Mongolia

    ILO and other UN agencies are calling on countries to designate seafarers as key workers and prioritize vaccination for seafarers and ensure essential supplies not disrupted by measures that impede the safe and efficient movement of shipping and all the seafarers who operate them.

    Francis Zachariae

    Secretary-General of International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse (IALA)

    At IALA it is our desire to encourage our members to provide adequate marine aids navigation in all the forms for all classes of mariner and they will be compatible and, therefore can be in the core with the receiving systems installed in maritime autonomous surface ships.

    Xu Pengzhan

    The industry will jointly promote the development of an integrated digital shipping system, build a new business mode for shipping, establish a shipping service ecology with digital means, and boost the safe, high-quality and sustainable development of the shipping industry.

    Andreas Nordseth

    Director of the Danish Maritime Authority

    Looking at shipping in digital solutions, we don’t have the same strong vison on where we heading. so I’m suggesting that let us come together and let’s aim for strong vision on a safer, more green and efficient shipping sector, where we have zero accidents, carbon neutral and top energy efficient, use no more paperwork on board the ships, smart surveys and intelligent systems, that will help us become as safe and efficient as possible.

    Allard Castelein

    Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority

    You have to ensure that the data is consistent and the definitions are appropriate that we speak the same language, so that each and everyone can have access to the data to do smart things with the data, to build the applications required if necessary, to optimize the infrastructure, to optimize the transport and the handling of the cargo.

    Carlos A.p. Guedes Soares

    Distinguished Professor of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Lisbon

    How does big data reflects in shipping industry in terms of the technical operation and maintenance of the equipment, energy efficiency, safety performance, management and monitoring of accidents and environmental risks from shipping traffic, commercial operation and automation of ship operations.

    Stefano Poli

    Vice President of INMARST Maritime Business Development

    The digitalization of maritime industry is very likely a matter of when for me, not a matter of if anymore, and it’s truly exciting to be in the middle of this significant shift.

    Mo Jianhui

    Chairman & President of China Classification Society

    The Industrial Internet of Things, especially the integrated identification analysis system, starts with the identification of the Internet of things. The multi-level systematic Industrial Internet platform and China’s Industrial Internet application practice represented by “5G + industrial Internet” will comprehensively boost the digital transformation.


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